Isometric Now Stable | What's Next?

Tilesetter 2.1.0 has just gone stable. If you aren't familiar with the features introduced in the beta, this version lets you now generate isometric tilesets and maps, supporting direct exports for Godot and Unity.

Regarding future plans for the tool, next year will bring some big new developments. Here's what you can expect:

  • Animated tiles.
  • New generators, such as slopes, top-down cliffs/walls.
  • Direct export for more engines.
  • More versatile map editor.
  • Fixes for the many small issues you have brought to my attention.
  • Improved/Simpler workflow.

I read all your feedback and will make sure the current problems get resolved. If you have any questions or further feedback, feel free to head over to our Discord community.

Please enjoy the update, and see you next time!

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can you give access to international money, i cant even buy it cuz my card only pays BRL

I was unable to run the linux version as I kept getting the error on start:
`GPU process isn't usable. Goodbye.`

I found the fix is to run the executable from the command line with the added arguments `--disable-gpu-sandbox`.


Any Updates in the works?


I bought the tool two years ago for a game jam and never used it until a couple of months ago. Since then, I integrated it in to my workflow. I  can recommend it to anyone who works with tiles. It is one of those tools that do just one thing but do it very, very well!